Thank you from Happy Customer!

We received this lovely email from a customer today. His car needed a bit of TLC to get it back in tip top shape.

I’m over the moon with the car, it’s an absolute joy again thanks to you. 

The wheels look great, the bumper looks stunning, the seat feels comfy and no more rattles from the suspension! Not to mention the brakes etc etc.. The car feels far better than when I bought it 5 years ago. It’s like having a new car, I will now hang on to it for quite a while!

Thank you very much for overseeing the “project”, I really appreciate your fantastic expertise but above all your friendly and helpful manner – it was a pleasure dealing with you and I now feel very confident to own “old” Porsches in future with you guys on my doorstep. 

All in all it cost a fair few pennies but it was worth every one of them and many more.

I will recommend CPS wholeheartedly to every Porsche owner I know (quite a few!)


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